Greenland: E7 Global Adventure

On May 19th 2018 in Announcements , Press Releases

19 May 2018 Green Land
Greenland: E7 Global Adventure

Greenland: E7 Global Adventure

May 19, 2018
Flagstaff, Arizona

Expeditions 7, in cooperation with Arctic Trucks, completed the first successful traverse of the Greenland Ice Cap along its long axis in three heavily modified Toyota Hilux trucks. The 5,169-kilometer journey began in the village of Isortoq in the south and made its way to Wulff Land on the northern edge of the Ice Cap (N81° 17’ 29"). Returning south, the route made its way off the ice cap at the village of Kangerlussuaq in western Greenland, then along the Arctic Circle Trail to the coastal village of Sisimiut.

During the 20-day expedition, the team encountered challenges of all kinds including mechanical failures, fire, crevasses, and extreme weather. Conditions ranged from clear and sunny to zero-visibility whiteouts, and temperatures ranged from +27 degrees at sea level to -40 Fahrenheit at Summit Station.

Expedition Leader Greg Miller credits the teamwork and talent of the team members for making the expedition a success. Miller said, “The chemistry and teamwork demonstrated by every member of the team are as good as I’ve ever been a part of. It was a privilege to be with each member of the team in such challenging conditions. Everyone made significant contributions to our achievement and safe return home.”

The team was comprised of Americans Greg Miller, Scott Brady, Clay Croft, Dr. Jon Solberg and Kurt Williams, and Icelanders Emil Grimsson and Torfi Johannsson.

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