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E7 200M


Since the wrap of Expeditions 7’s travels a decade ago, the E7 team has been dreaming what the next installment would look and drive like. Armed with the experience gained from logging 160,000+ miles on the 70-series Land Cruiser fleet, the team examined the potential for the North American spec 200-series.

Seven 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Heritage Edition vehicles were acquired to undergo a transformation – building a living cabin right behind the B-pillar suitable for two people to sleep, eat, and travel in. Expeditions 7 collaborated with Maltec Leichtbautechnologie and sent the vehicles to Germany for custom fabrication. Each of the limited production of 7 – hereafter called E7 200M vehicles – will be named after a continent that make up the Expeditions 7 story.

The driving mission for the E7 200M vehicles is to put expedition ready trucks into the hands of passionate people who will appreciate them and use them for what they’re intended – whether that be global travel to places one has never been before, to keeping to local trails and spending time with loved ones. We value experiences. We value relationships. We support the tremendous joy in exposing ourselves to exotic places, cultures, peoples, foods, and landscapes. It is life changing.

What passes by lessons learned on previous expeditions to the E7 200M vehicles, is to keep it simple. 

The outfit is a semi-minimalist design boasting everything you need and nothing you don’t. The power of a 5.7 liter V8 carries a robust 200-series platform modified with Old Man Emu suspension and added ARB air lockers. The wheelbase is unmodified, preserving the ability to fit on small trails, technical routes, and fit in oversea shipping containers. Careful design was given to approach and departure angles as well. The E7 200M vehicles feature Slee Offroad front bumpers, sliders, and skid plates, Warn Zeon 12-S winch with synthetic rope, and Safari snorkels.

A pass through expedition cab gives way to a custom camper cabin featuring teak flooring and countertops, bench seating, ample storage, built in cook top & fridge, LED lighting, pressurized water, heater, solar power, and thoughtful recovery equipment. The lifting Kevlar carbon roof provides panoramic views at stand up height, giving users every reason to stretch out at the end of a long day.

All things evolve – including how we take in the world around us. The wonder of travel covers bonds that are either created, solidified, or strengthened and making friends all around the world brings down fences. The magic in a Toyota Land Cruiser is being the best tool to accomplish all this, like nothing else in the world. 

E7 200M

  • Heritage Edition
  • 5.7-liter V8
  • 8-speed automatic transmission
  • Air intake snorkel
  • Air conditioning
  • Dual airbags and side impact protection
  • Front and rear air-lockers
  • Long range auto auxiliary fuel tank 12.5 gal
  • Pass through expedition cab
  • Pop up Kevlar carbon roof tent
  • Teak interior
  • Outdoor shower

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This production of E7 200M vehicles will be limited to only 7. Two of the 7 will be part of the Expeditions 7 fleet and ready to depart on the next adventure. Five remaining builds will be available over time to the public to purchase and head off on their own exceptional journeys. For information on purchasing, or to submit questions about the E7 200M vehicles, use the form below and a member of Expeditions 7 will contact you shortly.